So what about hell?

I think it is good that this documentary movie “Hellbound?” is going to be shown in North America as it is high time that the christian world starts to collectively look into the background behind the myth of hell. I believe even those so-called grace-based christian circles can’t avoid this subject for long because more and more people are doing their own research about this subject, and openly questioning this fear-based doctrine.

I have come to see that fear is often used by religion to hypnotise or manipulate people. Their propaganda tends to perpetuate the illusion of separation, which implies those who believe in Jesus/God (or rather their version of god) are “heaven-bound”, and others who believe differently from them are “hell-bound”. As I have seen, the hell business, so to speak, is profitable for the church too.

And yes, the idea of a literal devil is usually meant to put blame on a convenient scapegoat, so that the followers can avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. Some also resort to demonising others who disagree with their views, and this only reflects on their own insecurity and inability or unwillingness to use their own reasoning. Unfortunately, and understandably, they behave that way because of the indoctrination in the religious circles.

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  1. remytongol says:

    Thanks for tagging my post here, Jimmy! 🙂

    1. jimmytst says:

      You are welcome, Remy. It is always good to get people to rethink about the “hell” subject, and I find your post useful in helping people to reconsider what they have been taught in christian circles.

      1. remytongol says:

        Your posts have been helpful to me…It’s draws out the truth in my heart… 🙂

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