Reflections on “A new day, a new way of thinking”

I agree with Carlton Pearson that renewing and re-knowing ourselves determines the quality of our life because so much of our angst and self-loathing had come from identity crisis and/or existential crisis, and organised religions, especially abrahamic faiths, had only deepened the wound in the human soul with their original sin theology, and widened the divide within humanity with their separation and exclusivist mindset. Individually and collectively, we can find healing and hope when we discover and recover our authentic, naked, unedited and original self that is unmarred, untainted and unadulterated by religions, traditions and superstitions.

I’m excited about his upcoming streaming consciousness network in what it has to offer as I believe it seeks to liberate people from self-loathing and self-limiting beliefs and tendencies which organised religions have largely been responsible for, and I admire his inclusive, expansive and progressive way of thinking. I would say he is one person who is very comfortable and at ease in his own skin and his own divinity and his unique expression of himself. I am reminded of Marianne Williamson’s quote that says as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. I think we all have our own unique expressions, and it would be refreshing to be part of a community that does not limit us in our thinking or impose any kind of dogma on us, but simply seeks to explore and celebrate our own divinity and humanity.

Solitude and community

Of course, there is no need to belong to a certain community in order to know ourselves. Solitude affords us with the opportunity for much needed quietude and space for us to do our own self-reflection and meditation.

To me, any community or opportunity that fosters peace and harmony with ourselves and with others whereby we are encouraged, supported, built up and lifted up is beneficial and productive. It can happen when we are alone or in the company of people.

Also, being in a community doesn’t necessarily mean we need to agree with one another all the time. We can instead learn to harness the synergy of our individual talents and perspectives for the betterment of humanity and the environment, without losing our sense of unique identity and personality. It takes love, respect and understanding, and willingness to learn, and an open mind.

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