Christ Has Returned ~ Jacob Israel

Video commentary:

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I agree with Jacob Israel about the need for everyone to not judge or look at one another from the outside, such as which denomination they belong to or what religion they believe in, etc. After all, each person’s religion or belief about god/divine/spirituality is ultimately subjective.

In one of my blogs “Our Identity and Belief System“, I shared that “I do think there can be a balance, which can be achieved by not subscribing to any form of label or outward identity to ourselves or others based on what we believe. After all, “atheism” and “christianity” are only different schools of thought, just like hinduism, taoism, buddhism and so on.”

To me, it’s the hearts of people that matter at the end of the day, and not so much about the belief systems themselves. For example, a person can call himself an atheist and still be kind and gracious. Similarly, another person can call himself a christian and also be kind and gracious. So it doesn’t really matter what they want to believe in so long as they are kind and gracious. Love and grace transcends all religions and/or belief systems.

For example, I can also see Darin Hufford’s heart in wanting to help people be free from condemnation and fear imposed by the christian religion. He wrote in his book “The Misunderstood God“:

“In my conference that day, we discovered through simple honesty that the things we’d been hold about God just didn’t add up. We all knew that our perceptions of Him were grossly skewed and twisted because of our religious upbringing, and we knew that something needed to happen, but what?”

I think one answer to his question is to question the things we have been taught in the christian circles, like he did himself, and explore the mysteries on our own. The internet has been a great resource to find out more about the mistranslations of the bible, and the mythological nature of the bible stories, and so on. We can also share what we have learnt in our journey of life, like what he did in his books, blogs and podcasts. I believe there are people out there who can relate to our sharing of our experiences and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their own struggles.

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