Barack Obama Versus Fundamentalism & Religious Sectarianism

Video commentary:

An amazing & brave moral stance against the dogmatic prejudice of religion. A real surprise for an American politician.

“We are no longer a Christian nation.”

“Folks haven’t been reading the Bible.”

“…universal rather than religion-specific values.”

“…in a pluralistic society, we have no choice.”

“…religion doesn’t allow for compromise.”

“Call to Renewal” Keynote –
Building a Covenant for a New America Conference – 06/28/06

I think the first part of Barack Obama’s speech would be a great comeback or rebuttal to a Christian pastor’s recent suggestion for atheists (or people who don’t believe in the christian god) to leave America – I noted that the video of the conference was dated in 2006, yet the message of Obama’s speech was as relevant as it is today. Obama made a great point in saying that even if we expelled every non-Christian from USA, and only have christians in our midst, whose Christianity should we teach in the schools, and which passages of scriptures should we use to run our lives (paraphrasing his words a bit) because some passages see eating shellfish as an abomination and some support stoning a child for straying from the faith, and so on? Christianity itself has its own pluralism, so to speak. I applaud Obama for putting the Christian religion in its place, and calls for the need for people to not be divided on the grounds of faith/religion or be caught up in religious fundamentalism.

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