Joan Chittister – “The Inner Journey to Peace” and Quote on Feminism

Video commentary:

Internationally celebrated author and lecturer, Joan Chittister, speaks about cultivating solitude and silence as a way to live peacefully in the world and as a model for the next generation.

I agree with Joan Chittister’s insightful sharing about learning to be at peace with ourselves in order to ensure peace in the world around us as well as pass on the peace and harmony to our future generations.

“Feminism does not come to destroy men. If anything, it comes to save men from imprisonment by a system that cramps the human development of men all the while it purports to give them power. Feminists are not asking men to be less than manly. Feminists are asking women and men not to buy into patriarchal systems that destroy them both. Feminism comes to bring both men and women to the fullness of life, and wholeness of soul for which we were all made ‘in the image and likeness of God’.”

~ Joan D. Chittister

Yes, feminism seeks to redress and restore the balance in humanity because the patriarchal systems have given men too much power and dominance, which make the society lop-sided, and lack the direction and guidance that women can otherwise provide. Men need the intuition and emotional intelligence and wisdom from their female counterpart, and by not giving them an equal place, they are destroying themselves in the long run.

I think the world wars and environmental crisis are partly due to the patriarchal systems, which fuel unhealthy competition among men to quest for control and dominance. I have come to see that some societies, such as native American Indians, give honour and recognition to women, and I believe that helps their societies as a whole to flourish and coexist with one another and the environment in peace and harmony.

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