Evolution of our human consciousness

“Is it even POSSIBLE that our inherited interpretations of the teachings of Jesus are vastly incomplete or even wrong??? Is it even POSSIBLE that there are more accurate interpretations than what we have been taught???” ~ Kenneth Dahl

I have skimmed through the post by Kenneth Dahl about following the truth even if it leads us away from our religion. I would say that would be the best thing that ever happens, if the truth leads us away from religion because religion tends to be fear-based and separatist, as noted also by Carlton Pearson and Michael Beckwith in the video below. The truth is within each of us, and evolution is an ongoing process when we collectively and individually grow and know over and over again our true essence and our divine oneness with God (highest consciousness) and with one another and the universe. Science itself is evolving and proving more and more about our interconnectedness and the expansive nature of the universe. While people in the past used to think heaven is somewhere up in the sky, we today know there are billions of stars and galaxies beyond our earth, which goes to show the terminologies used in the bible are only symbolic or metaphorical and not meant to be literal. The truth always sets us free from fear, shame and guilt imposed by religions, traditions and superstitions, and brings peace, unity and harmony, individually and collectively.

“One man’s orthodoxy is another man’s heresy”

Some of my Facebook friends seem to manage to reconcile the crazy parts of the bible somehow and is at peace with the christian faith, while some of us are finding our ways to reconcile the seeming contradictory parts of the bible. One thing for sure: the bible itself had been put together by a group of people in the early centuries, leaving out some books and including only selected ones, for their own agenda, perhaps to start their own religion and/or control the masses. Inevitably, there will be differences in opinions and interpretations – indeed, as the saying goes, “one man’s orthodoxy is another man’s heresy”. The fact remains that everyone picks and chooses from the bible what they want to believe and decide whether it is literal or metaphorical. I suppose it’s up to each of us to think through for ourselves how we can approach the bible, as in deciding how much it is meant to be allegorical, or literal, or historical, and so on.

In one of my blogs “Much ado about theology“, I shared the following thought:

“I would say spirituality itself is organic and living, and people’s understandings of God are meant to be subjective and evolving over time. It is perhaps better not to label any set of beliefs because to do so would only inevitably confine people’s understanding of God within a particular “-ism” or “-ianity”. Even for those religions with long history of traditions, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sufism, native American spirituality and so on, I feel that being open to interfaith dialogues among the adherents is a progressive step towards freedom to think for oneself and go beyond traditions and theology, which can only promote peace and harmony among all peoples.”

At this point of my journey, I would see our spiritual growth and journey in terms of evolution of our human consciousness.

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