What is good and builds you up is God’s voice

Whatever is good, whatever builds you up, whatever encourages you to go on when life knocks you down… THAT is God’s voice. The rest are all lies. Don’t believe the lies people tell you, and especially don’t believe the lies you tell yourself.

~ Mike Myers

Yes, whatever that is good and builds us up and encourages us to go on when life knocks us down is God’s voice because God is love and love always builds us up. Anything else that condemns us or puts us down is not from God, whether it comes from organised religions, or the mass media or advertisements, or the society at large, or from ourselves. I think every one of us would at some points in time have struggled with the condemning voices inside us, telling ourselves that we don’t matter or others are better than us, and so on. Yet, these are lies that are based on the illusion of separation and the shadow self, and religions and society somehow perpetuate these lies.

As we grow up in life, we all have been conditioned in some ways to feel inadequate if we don’t belong to a certain group or achieve a certain goal or standard, no thanks to the norms and expectations imposed by religions and society. This is why I have found comfort especially in self-help or inspirational materials that are encouraging and empowering, since they not only encourage people to accept themselves for who they are but also remind them that they are born or designed to be unique, special and complete.

As much as I don’t subscribe wholly to any particular religion or belief system, I do find something good and edifying from some of them, such as the teachings about our true identity in Christ as beloved and blameless children of God in Christianity, and the teachings on being in touch with ourselves and Nature through meditation and mindfulness in Buddhism, and so on. Like what Mike Myers wrote, whatever is good and builds us up is God’s voice, and I can hear God’s loving and affirming voice in these teachings since love is universal and transcends all religions and is not confined to any particular religion, just as I can hear God’s voice in self-help and inspirational materials, in Nature, in the kind words and acts of my fellow human beings from time to time who encourage me and build me up, which resonates with the still, small voice in my heart. I have come to realise the Spirit in our heart is our teacher who reminds us over and over again our true divine essence, and at the same time, does not condemn us whenever we forget or doubt who we really are because forgetting and doubting is part of being human, and we all are here to express and embrace our humanity and divinity in its fullness.

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  1. Great post !its a thing that people are unhappy even they have faith
    People come to me with their problems and say that they are unhappy because their little voices say that their cultures doesn’t work the way with them. May be we are teAching the wrong things and you should be strong enough to say culture isn’t working. Don’t buy it. Create your Own and take the risk of saying no that’s where the freedom lies. Listen to your heart and conquer

    1. jimmytst says:

      Yes, we can listen to our heart and we can create our own reality of joy, peace and goodness. Thanks for commenting. Peace and blessings to you.

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