[Book Review] “God’s Grammar” by Mick Mooney

God’s grace never changes
Reconciling our past and future.
As a noun, it is the liberating truth
Moving endlessly as a verb
Marvellous as an adjective
Amazingly so as an adverb
Reigning for all eternity.

Real love is unconditional
Universal and inclusive
Love keeps no records of wrongs.
Etched in this novel is that glimpse
So read and enjoy the journey.

This acrostic poem on Grammar Rules came to me as an idea to summarise the gist of the novel “God’s Grammar: A Novel” as I was reading towards the end of the story. The novel describes an inner journey of the main character, which began when he experienced the “be still and know” moment. That was a memorable moment for me as well because God is in our breath. During this journey, the character progressed from having to deal with the fear of judgment to knowing the perfect love of God that casts out fear. I think everyone appreciates the reminder that God is Love, and Love is always with us and in us.

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