“Religion is a dysfunctional relationship in which God becomes a tool”

“Your goal should be to fall so deeply, so madly in love with yourself that insults gradually become less of an issue… and eventually insults become invisible… Love covers a multitude of sins… If you fail to love yourself you’ll become needy or emotionally out of reach… Your emptiness consists of your own lack of self love… Religion provides people an excuse to feel acceptable… Religion is a dysfunctional relationship in which God becomes a tool… Dysfunctional relationships consist of one person “using” another to obtain validation/affirmation… using another to fill a void created by a lack of self love”. ~ Joshua Guild

Yes, self-love is so important as it fills the emptiness which religion can never be able to fill. Without self-love, one tends to engage in self-criticism, which adds to stress, as I learnt in a Natural News health article just now. Religion, again, tends to add to that stress by causing people to be preoccupied with the dos and don’ts of performance-based living due to their law mindset.

Even for the supposedly grace-based Christian circles, many of them don’t fully promote self-love because their evangelical version of the grace message is that “God loves us in spite of what is wrong with us and decided to make us right with him through the cross” and “it’s all of Jesus and none of me”. This may sound like good news on the surface but it is nothing more than the “original sin” doctrine at its core. No wonder self-loathing seems to persist in Christian circles.

Hence, like what Joshua Guild pointed out, God becomes a tool in religion in which people use to fill a void created by lack of self-love. Yet religion can never fill that void. Contrary to most religious teachings, it is not selfish or proud of us to love ourselves unconditionally because we are only honouring who we really are – we are made in Love’s image in perfection and innocence. We are showing due respect and dignity to our true self, and only when we love ourselves can we love others the same way. As the saying goes, all love is self-love, and all hate is self-hate. Love transcends religions because love is expansive and universal. Loving God/Divine is akin to loving ourselves, and the same goes for loving others.

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