Quantum Leaps

“Medical technology is failing and the medical care that we are receiving is often not healing us, but making us sicker. Many people are seeking alternative therapies such as seeing chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture specialists, energy healers and new age practitioners to treat their health conditions. This is a time of questioning, exploring knowledge, increasing our spiritual awareness and focusing on technological advances to help humanity survive in these trying times. Some believe that we are in the “Age of Aquarius” and there are many different opinions as to when this age actually starts. It is evident to me that we are in an intense energetic time and we are all feeling it. I have many new age friends as well as Christians friends that tell me they “sense” something major is going to happen. I feel that something new is coming as many others do, but what is it that we are feeling?”

From “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Return of the Christ” by

According to the above post about the dawn of the new age in terms of medical science, healthcare and spiritual awakening, there are signs pointing to the transition from the age of the Pisces to Aquarius. I also think Pisces can be seen as a symbol of evangelism because Jesus had asked his disciples to follow him and he would make them fishers of men. For about 2,000 years since then, many people have been trying to spread the good news about Jesus and make disciples for Jesus. Since Jesus had told them he would be with them till the very end of the age, I believe we have come to the end of this age (age of evangelism) and are entering into a new age (age of enlightenment) in which people need no longer tell one another about the man Jesus Christ but instead each person shall meet the water bearer themselves, that is, to follow the holy spirit, our teacher, and go into the house (a picture of their physical being) and meet their true self within, who is the one they have been seeking – Christ in us the hope of glory.

“What you seek is seeking you” Rumi

So perhaps it is no surprise more and more people are seeking healing through new age practitioners, chiropractors, energy healers and so on whose jobs are to facilitate the self-healing ability of our bodies. We are moving away from the limitations of allopathic medicine that deals with symptoms and moving towards holistic medicine and healthcare that goes deep to address the causes of the symptoms, and these naturopathic doctors help us reconnect to ourselves and find healing from within. Jesus had said “your faith has made you well” and “physician, heal thyself”. So in this new age, we become our own healers by tapping into our innate ability for self healing, and the naturopathic doctors and therapists are there merely to assist us in remembering and doing what we know intuitively for our healing and our prevention of diseases in future.

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