Neil Degrasse Tyson talks about religion

I admire Neil deGrasse Tyson’s cool and relaxed attitude towards religions and religious people, as he is perfectly fine with watching “Jesus Christ Superstar” rock opera or listening to Handel’s “Messiah”. It’s interesting to note that the word “goodbye” comes from the phrase “God be with you”. I agree that those who call themselves atheists and try to fault him for saying the word “God” are over-reacting. After all, we all are living in a religiously pluralistic world, and we can all live peacefully together with one another regardless of the differences in our belief systems.

Like what Tyson said, he’s not trying to convert anybody. Any atheist or agnostic who tries to convert other people or make them conform to their ideology are no different from evangelical christians trying to convert others to their religion. So yea, it’s a blessing and relief to simply live as a human being and relate to other people as fellow human beings and not allow ourselves to be overly affected by their belief systems (as long as they don’t try to convert or control us).

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