Thoughts on “Study – Will religion become extinct?”

I agree with the video that the old or mainstream religions will go extinct, or at least evolve into some other religions that are less dogmatic and outdated (without those archaic rules, regulations and condemnation that were common in the old testament), more personal and more unifying, as noted by the male presenter. As noted by the female presenter, many people may still need some form of religion, as a platform for socialising, if they like to have a sense of belonging to certain groups that share similar ideologies.

As for me, people are free to choose whether to belong to a certain group or religion, and how much involved they want to be in their religions. I hope and believe that today’s religions will evolve along with the rise in our collective consciousness of our innate oneness, for the sake of greater peace and unity, at the very least. Otherwise, people can always opt out of organised religions, and be their own mystics or teachers, which I am more in favour of personally.

At the same time, I am in favour of inter-religious dialogues too, which I hope will take place more and more often, if people still prefer to hold on to some kinds of organised religions in future. This will enable us all to work towards unity in diversity, as we are meant to be diverse in our cultures and expressions of beliefs, as part of our humanity.


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  1. barry waterfield says:

    I cannot see religion in any recognisable form surviving in the very long term. Logic and education are bound to break down the forces of organised rhetoric in time. That is not to say that people won’t have their spiritual beliefs ,or indeed that science will not prove some sort of spiritual plane, just that formal defining institutions with all their assumed certainties will hold no interest to future generations.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Yes I hope so too. With the advent of information age, thanks to the Internet, organised religions are no longer seen as sole repositories of spiritual knowledge, so to speak. More importantly, more and more people are questioning the need for old religious systems that are based on authority and hierarchy, which are mainly about power and control. When people begin to value their own dignity and freedom as their birthright, they will no longer want to have anything to do with organised religions that try to control and manipulate them using fear and guilt. I hope and believe organised religions will die out even as people reclaim their sanity and seek to prioritise love and relationships over discrimination and doctrines for the sake of peace, harmony and well-being for themselves and others.

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