Abundance is a state of being

“In times of economic challenge, I remind myself of this and you should too:

God is omni-present wealth, the infinite riches of the universe, the lavish Abundance of creation! It is God who gives us the power, vigor, abilities to get or produce wealth!

I daily remind myself that God is in me, with me, as me expressing Itself thru me in abundance and abounding reality!

Life doesn’t just happen to us, it happens thru us, as us and indeed IS us!

Jesus said, I am come that you may have life and have it more abundantly!

God is the source. People, jobs and things are only instruments. Trust the source, not the instrument or instruments, including jobs, and bank accounts. We must transcend them all in consciousness, in order to create their physical manifestation. Faith it till you make it! Know it till you show it!

We’ll do it together in collective consciousness!”

Carlton Pearson

Yes, the universe is in us and the source is also in us and as us. The economy is only a man-made instrument of getting wealth, and our daily provision comes from beyond the economy. Like what he shared, abundance is a state of being, not a state of the economy. I have included a similar reminder in my iPhone too.

“We live in the realm of abundance of blessings because abundance is our natural state.

The universe wants to bless us, and the more we appreciate life, the more life appreciates and bestows us with more goodness. This is the secret and mystery of the Universe. “

I believe this is a universal principle. I think when Jesus taught his disciples to pray to the Father to give them this day their daily bread, he was also teaching them the secret of the abundant mindset, also known as the law of attraction. Yes, it doesn’t matter where we are or how our daily provisions come to us, as long as our needs are met by the Father or universal consciousness who is in us and as us. As we seek first his kingdom within us – innocence, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, by reminding ourselves our true identity – all the things that we need will be added to us.

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