Sixth live stream – “Sexuality, sensuality, sociality and spirituality” with Carlton Pearson

It’s interesting to know people in many countries around the world have been tuning in to the Streaming Consciousness live video sessions, including countries in Asia and Africa, as Carlton Pearson has shared. I think it is good that his video series is reaching an international audience. Compared to his pentecostal days when he mainly preached in America, now his messages on progressive christianity and expansive spirituality are gaining a much wider audience around the world. I daresay this is in tandem with the growing global awakening and spiritual awareness/independence that are taking place – or in Pearson’s words, a “shift” is happening in our collective consciousness.

I agree with his interpretation of the phrase “walking out our salvation”, that it is not about being saved from “god” but about being saved from the erroneous religious fear-based theology and embracing security in our own divinity. It’s interesting to note that the word “sex” comes from (or is related to) the word “six”, which symbolises man. He also shared that the word “orgy” comes from “orge” or “wrath”, which actually doesn’t necessarily mean “anger” but rather “desire”, so God’s “wrath” or “orge/orgy” can be referring to God’s strong desire or passion to reconnect with God’s own creation/himself/herself/itself. We are all expressions of love and divinity.

I also agree with the observation that when we say we love someone, we are actually loving that part of ourselves we see in that person. So in this sense, love is self-serving – though I prefer to see it in terms of interconnectedness since we are all one, so loving another person is equivalent to loving ourselves and vice versa. Rumi put it like this in one of his poems: “If I love myself, I love you. If I love you, I love myself”.

Carlton Pearson also candidly shared that though he never has an affair, he has the same propensity as anyone else to have an affair. It is up to how each person handles their devotion and passion, and his message is not meant to judge anyone or justify their deeds, but rather to observe and explain why people do things the way they do, as he shared.

According to Pearson, we all can have chemical attractions because human beings are chemicals (80% water) and energy and more. It is interesting to learn that in the reptilian area of the human brain, also known as carnal mind, there is an animalisic thinking in everyone that controls the instinct for survival, sex, eating, etc. And yes, if the animalistic nature takes over, one is led by the carnal nature instead of the wisdom of God (our highest self) because this nature tends to flood the soul and body with intense pleasure of the flesh, which feels good but is not necessarily “right” (or beneficial), eg alcoholism, gluttony, compulsive shopping, etc, and so the mind is tricked to think that intense pleasure and sensuality is priority, but such activities may result in harm. This reminds me of the “works of the flesh” mentioned in Galatians, such as lust, jealousy, rage, etc.

To me, the fruit of the Spirit is produced when we reconnect with our highest self. As Pearson puts it, intimacy means “inner view of ourselves” and we can choose intentionally and deliberately to go beyond emotions or mere physical attractions, and be in touch and in tune with our true self. I agree with his definition of “sin” which simply means missing the mark or missing the point of who we really are and forgetting our purpose – we are here to express our divinity, and we can act on love and not just (chemical) attraction by honouring our highest self. I like his concluding statements – that we are not what happened to us; we are what we choose to become. We are powerful and magnificient beyond measure, and we can honour our truth and own our truth of our true identity.

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