“Washing machines have a spin cycle and churches have a sin cycle” ~ Mike Myers

Laundromat in Toronto, Canada
Laundromat in Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Washing machines have a spin cycle and churches have a sin cycle. And both are designed to get every drop out of you. The sin cycle has 5 steps:

1- Temptation
2- Sin
3- Guilt
4- Repent
5- Repeat

Steps 3 & 4 are where the church gets every drop of money out of you. And if you ever leave the washer, (the church) you get sent to the dryer, (hell)!

Sin and money are absolutely essential to the church’s existence! Don’t believe me? Ask a pastor to stop talking about sin and money and watch his response. He’ll tell you why they’re both staples in his sermons. Sin is the church’s cash-cow because guilt always gets the money flowing.

~ Mike Myers (From “I Survived Christianity“)

Yes as Mike Myers has noted, the Christian religious institutions has capitalised on the religious notion of sin and the human tendency to harbour guilt for their own profits. Even in the grace circles, many preachers tend to promote the “sin cycle” because they still subscribe to the “original sin” doctrine.

If people were to free themselves from such dogma and learn to embrace their own humanity with all its flaws and at the same time rest in the truth of their true self that is divine and innocent, they will no longer need to rely on religious institutions. Institutional churches will lose their business and people will live in freedom and peace. May this happen more and more.

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