The “chi” energy of Love

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Lama Dondrup Dorje demonstrates complete command of energy and talks about the Energy Bubble and Buddha Nature

I was reflecting that tai chi (or qigong or wu shu) can be seen as a peaceful and non-violent form of martial arts that can be used for meditation and transformation of energy for one’s own peace and protection. It can be effective for self-defense (without harming the attacker). From my understanding, “chi” is inner energy.

WiseGEEK defines “chi” as the life force that permeates the world.

“The meaning of the word is linked to “air” and “breath,” which are believed to vital parts of life. Like air, chi is a form of energy which waxes and wanes in the body depending on health, and in a space depending on arrangement.”

(From “What is chi“)

I think the practice of mindfulness and compassion transcends religions – our inner “guru” is our true self – whether one calls it “Buddha nature” or “Christ in you the hope of glory” – to me, it refers to our original, unedited, authentic self-identity that is innocent, blameless and beloved.

As shared by the person in the video, the Buddha (or Christ or Krishna or Universal Consciousness or Divine) in us did not promise us a (literal) heaven (in the afterlife that can be earned/gained/granted if we do/believe/say something) but rather loved us the way we are, regardless of who we are (or how we look like, or where we are born, or what we have done or have not done).

I also admire his open-mindedness as he told the audience that if we have a belief system, (it is) better to have something that will encourage us to do better, not become divisional, just like his teacher encourages them not to get involved with politics, in many things, but to be compassionate for the benefit of all sentient beings. Yes, it is refreshing as it moves away from dogmatism and cultism that is prevalent in many organized religions. Like what he said, “people don’t have to put up a plaque and say ‘I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist, I am a Muslim’, just be a good person” (which I take it to mean “be a loving person”, since love transcends duality (of good and evil) and encompasses everything).

“Many sages have experienced the Christ and come to know that they too are the Christ. We always are the Christ but we simply aren’t aware of it. The Christ is our soul, our Higher Self. It is who we are, were and always will be.

Other religions know the Christ by different names. Hindus call it the Atman or Self. Buddhists call it the Buddha nature or our original face. It doesn’t matter what name is used. The Christ or Self is known to all religions.

So what is the Christ? The Christ is, metaphorically speaking, a Light of the Father’s Light, a fragment of the Father, a flame in the heart, a firebrand plucked from the burning. It’s a Light brighter than a thousand suns.”

(From “This is the Christ” by Steve Beckow)

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