Religion, nationalism and the illusion of separation

“Religion and Nationalism were made for each other.

Sharing the bed of existential angst these two lovers promise much but ultimately fail to deliver.”

Dylan Morrison

I agree with Dylan Morrison’s incisive quote about nationalism and religion that both share the commonality of having promised much and failing to deliver ultimately because they are built on the illusion of ego and are not grounded in reality. Reality is based on the truth of our oneness whereby there are no borders on earth and everyone is a citizen of the cosmos as well as a member of the family of God/Divine/Universe. All things belong freely to us and are meant for us to share in collaboration, not competition, unlike what nationalism or (organised) religion espouses.

Both nationalism and religion have also resulted in much division and bloodshed because they are founded upon the illusion of separation. I found that this article explained this phenomenon lucidly.

“We are born into the world as blank slates. Every moment from birth we develop an identity which mirrors the environment within which we grow.

As we identify with the not self, we act out according to these false beliefs. This is how men and women are able to rationalize killing one another. We are indoctrinated into a belief system which pressures the developing individual into conforming to the control structure which is in place. Deep rooted hatred develops over generations which has no foundation or reason what so ever. This brings rise to whole nations being misled by false identification. Just look at Israel today, and where is the nation of Palestine? Mankind is in perpetual warfare. Our self centered perspective enables us to easily believe that “they” are the bad guys because they are different. The concept of “me” and “mine” and we will fight for what is “ours.” This mentality destroys the goodness, compassion and connectedness which is within us all. This fragments whole peoples, resulting in polarization and division. As we are divided, we are conquered. Not able to see that we are all in the same boat together, blame and hatred are cultivated toward one another. All of this behavior in total opposition to the well being of mankind. This is not who we truly are, this is who we have become.”
(From “Man Know Thyself“)

So, I think part of the ongoing Shift in the individual and collective consciousness of humanity is that more and more people are moving beyond the limiting mindset of nationalism and religion and are embracing our oneness and equality of humankind, regardless of nationality or belief system. This will surely result in greater peace and harmony in the world.

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  1. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

    I liked your post but disagree on one point made in the quote. The “Man Know Thyself” article said we’re born as blank slates. I disagree. In my opinion, we are born with a personality already formed. It’s easy to view babies as blank slates but that only serves the parents who want to indoctrinate their beliefs into them. In reality babies are already a person. They may not have their values and beliefs all figured out but personality is innate. At least this is how I view it.

    Merry Christmas & Season’s Greetings!

    1. jimmytst says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, babies are already a person, as you said, though they may not have their values and beliefs all figured out (or remember who they really are in essence). Perhaps that phrase in the quoted article might have been better worded to say their mind or their memory probably started out as a blank slate at birth, instead of them. Otherwise, the article does support the view that we all already have an innate personality, which it calls the self (as opposed to the false self that is derived from worldly labels and attachments).

      The article has also cited from the Gospel of Thomas in which Jesus said “Rather, the Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father.” Yes, I would say that would be an expression of our true identity – as sons and daughters of the living Father (aka our highest self or the Great Spirit or Divine Love or cosmic consciousness or the Universe).

      Merry Christmas and much peace and blessings to you.

      1. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

        Aw, I see. Thank you for your explanation 🙂

      2. jimmytst says:

        You are welcome, my friend. 🙂

        Sent from my iPhone

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