Loving ourselves for being who we are – we are co-creators with God

I was reflecting yesterday that there is actually nothing vain about loving ourselves for being who we are. Maybe the world’s mindset (as well as religious mindset) thinks that it is “humble” to not love ourselves, but I have come to realise that may be false humility. I agree with the following quote:

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“Loving yourself does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.”

~ Margo Anand

Yes, loving ourselves means welcoming ourselves at the most honoured guest in our own heart – we are worthy of respect and we are lovable. This aligns with a recent message that Andre Rabe preached, as well as the message about self-acceptance Carlton Pearson shared too. Self-love will naturally translate into loving others.

In mainstream Christian circles, people are taught to always give all the glory to Jesus as an attempt to look humble in front of others. But I have come to realise that is not only false humility, it also perpetuates the illusion of separation. In essence we are one with Jesus because as he is, so are we in this world. So we share the glory with Jesus our true identity, and there is nothing wrong or vain for feeling good about ourselves for being who we are.

I also realise our prayers that come true are not because an external Jesus/God answers our prayers and gets all the credit. We are also co-creators and co-participants in the prayer and visualisation process, and we are only following the universal principle that whatever we believe in our heart will manifest in the material world. The universe itself conspires to do us good when we decide to speak or think positively – it is the law of attraction working with energy vibrations. Mainstream Christianity does not have a monopoly on the universal law of attraction.

I guess organised religions don’t want people to realise this truth and prefer their followers to beat themselves into submission to the false notion of an external god taking all the credit and to continue their self-loathing. It is mainly about power and control in organised religions. All the more the reason the gospel of inclusion that unveils our divinity needs to be shared, proclaimed and lived, so that more people will be set free from destruction and learn to love and accept themselves and others.

“I’ve watched thousands of well-meaning Christians drastically limit their dreams to fit into the institutional system they’ve grown up with. They’re not allowed to dream outside church. Many people won’t even further their educations because they’ve been taught that might be too self-serving.

Amazingly, we are taught that God is so self-seeking He actually requires us to bash ourselves and acknowledge our worthlessness in His presence. We think God actually desires to hear us acknowledge that ‘we are not worthy’, or that ‘we are filthy and wicked’. Whoever can put themselves down in the most colorfully degrading ways gets the badge of true spirituality pinned to his or her shirt.

Unfortunately, this attitude has become the politically correct way of thinking in the church today. People refuse to even receive a pat on the back for a job well done, for fear that would be stealing glory from God. All kind words and compliments are religiously rejected and redirected to God. We have come to believe that God expects us to never receive anything without reminding ourselves and everyone around us that it wasn’t us, but rather it was all God.”

(From “The Misunderstood God” by Darin Hufford)

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