What many institutional churches probably don’t want you to know

“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your Soul.”

Earlier on, I was checking out some blogs and came across a book review of Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” by Christianity Today. Since this website belongs to the mainstream or evangelical Christianity genre, it is not surprising that the editor gave it a low rating, and defended the hell doctrine. I was thinking though that they (people in mainstream or evangelical Christianity) could have done their own research regarding the Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words such as “hell” and “everlasting punishment” (as well as their context), since resources such as Tentmaker are available online.

I decided to compile my own list of “What many institutional churches probably don’t want you to know” and share it in my blog to spread awareness of how many of the teachings in institutional churches are based on fear and superstition and do not portray the fullness of the love of God or misrepresent God. This is also to highlight the spiritual abuse that is prevalent in many institutional churches through their fear-based and guilt-inducing doctrines and teachings that seek to control the masses.

What many institutional churches probably don’t want you to know:

There is no literal hell.
Jesus is not coming back physically.
You need not tithe.
Satan is not a literal angelic being.
“Everlasting punishment” is a mistranslation.
The Bible is not inerrant.
Everyone is a child of God/Divine Love/Universe.
There is no separation between you and God.
You are God/Goddess in human flesh/form.
Your true identity does not change whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or some other being.

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