Thoughts on “Call Upon the Name”

I was reading this recent blog by Jacob Israel which mostly resonates with me. I agree “salvation” is simply about knowing the truth of who we are, and this truth sets us free to enjoy the kingdom of God that is already within us – righteousness/innocence, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. I also like his explanation about the original meaning of the phrase “calling upon the name of the Lord”, as follows:

“Romans 10
13 For whosoever shall CALL upon the NAME of the LORD shall be saved.
It would be sin to think The words “call upon the name” of Jesus is how salvation is found. The words call upon (eÍpikaleÑw) actually translate to “to put a name upon, to surname, to permit one’s self to be surnamed, to be named after someone”

This is huge news people, because we already know the word LORD translates to THE EXISTING ONE. But what is indeed startling is the fact that the only way to find salvation is to CALL YOURSELF THE EXISTING ONE!

It is not about accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, it is about accepting that what was true was Jesus is true for you. You too can say, BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS I AM. As Jesus did, before you knew ABRAHAM you EXISTED!”

– (From “Call Upon The Name“, courtesy of Jacob Israel)

Yes, it is interesting that calling upon the name of the Lord is simply calling ourselves the Existing One because we are the divine one; we are the Christ. When we acknowledge our true identity, we save ourselves from fear and condemnation and experience peace and joy.

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