Can we relax in God instead of killing ourselves trying to find God?

I have read the contemplative blog “The Divine Touch” by Dylan Morrison and I agree that God/Divine is already in us and we are also already in God, and separation is an illusion that has been perpetuated by many leaders in organised religions who often attempt to sell their concept of an external god through their seminars, books, CDs and DVDs, teaching people ways to “get close to God” and so on. It is somewhat paradoxical that religions, by their very attempt to teach people to connect with an external God, are actually keeping people away from God in their own consciousness because they are projecting the kind of God that is dualistic, egoistic and separatist.

It reminds me of what Jesus said to the Pharisees: “For you shut up the kingdom of God against men; for you neither go in yourself, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.” Similarly, it seems that a number of evangelical christian teachers are doing the same thing today – they neither go in the kingdom of God within themselves, nor do they allow others to go in by teaching that heaven is a place believers go to in future only after they die instead of teaching that heaven is already in the here and now and is within us.

I also like what Dylan wrote about enjoying the silence and divine intimate communion with our Beloved who is with us and within us, for “God is a God of few words but also One of overflowing Presence, a companion who takes us to a place where speech becomes almost unnecessary.” Hence, the verse in Psalm 46 “Be still and know I Am” is so simple yet so true and profound in its essence. It reminds me of this quote I came across recently:

“Listen closely… the eternal hush of Silence goes on and on…” Jack Kerouac

Yes, we share an innate (or immanent, a new word I learnt recently, meaning inherent or existing within) telepathy with our Divine true self, and we communicate and converse and commune with our Beloved through our intuition (or inner wisdom).


“If we train people to believe that they lack something, especially a basic need, and that you have the remedy, but that it requires them to perpetually apply to get it, like a lottery, then you’ve got a life-time customer. Right?

So I drew this cheesy little cartoon to illustrate the fact that this poor worship leader is begging for something that he doesn’t need to beg for. If there is a God, then this God is over all things at all times. If there is the Christ, then this Christ would be the All in the all things at all times by the Spirit.”

David Hayward (From “Asking for something that’s already here“)

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