John Caputo – What would Jesus deconstruct?

Here’s sharing this contemplative blog about John Caputo’s book “What would Jesus deconstruct?” I like what the blog writer Bryan Berghoef wrote here:

“In the meantime, and it is always the meantime for the church, the church is supposed to do the best it can to bring that kingdom about itself, here on earth, in a process of incessant self-renewal or auto-deconstruction, while not setting itself up as a bunch of kings or princes. The church is by definition a call (kletos) for renewal.”

(From “What would Jesus deconstruct?”)

Bryan mentioned that Jesus would deconstruct the church in order to give way to the kingdom of God to manifest on earth. Indeed the kingdom is not somewhere up there to come in the future but rather a present reality on earth in the here and now, as Jesus said the kingdom does not come by observation but the kingdom is within us.

I believe one way Jesus alluded to the deconstruction of the church is shown in his words to the Jews: “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up” (referring to his death and resurrection in his co-identification with all of us, the church). It is only by destroying their religious concepts of God, temple, rituals and sacrifices that they can truly manifest God in their own lives, through loving one another regardless of their differences in belief systems.

Indeed the old religious system was made obsolete by 70 AD as symbolised by the destruction of the Jerusalem temple. The reconstruction of the church took place both literally and figuratively. The good news is that God does not dwell in temples made by hands but in living temples – all of us, and in Him we live and move and have our beings.

Jesus also deconstructed the hierarchal ideology or system of the Jews by teaching them not to be like the Gentiles who lord over others but rather to serve one another, for no man is greater than the other. He demolished sexism and gender discrimination by opposing the patriarchal system and defended and liberated women from oppression, such as healing the woman who was bowed down for 18 years by religion and healing the woman who had bleeding for 12 years.

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  1. T. W. Clinkscale says:

    You write within your philosophy as a deconstructionist. It is as if you have no idea what you intend to say. You take biblical ideas or motifs and fashion them to what you feel will prove your fantasy about reality! Excellent work for a blind fool who doesn’t think but acts solely on emotion!

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