Only a Suffering God Can Save Us

Here’s sharing this article by Slavoj Zizek. I noted he has explored three different concepts of God that have been proposed by theologians to reconcile the existence of God with the fact of Shoah or similar excessive evil: sovereign God, finite God and suffering God.

Of the three, the suffering God would seem to me the most plausible explanation, or at least, suggestion, to the mystery of why there is suffering when God exists because this God is “a God who – like the suffering Christ on the Cross – is agonized, assumes the burden of suffering, in solidarity with the human misery”. Even from human experiences, we know that only those who have undergone sufferings the way we do would understand the pains we have experienced, so how much more when it comes to trusting God to understand what we went through and how we felt, unless God himself has experienced the same for himself/herself/itself.

If God is love, and for love to embrace and heal us, then it would be necessary for love to be involved deeply in our daily existence so as to understand intimately our pains and sufferings, and comfort us as a mother would comfort her child. I would say Christ, as depicted in the gospel, has fulfilled the role of a suffering God, having suffered and died in his undying love for all who are suffering, and he also represents humanity in being a complete person who is worthy and loveable and innocent, and we can see our true self in the mirror reflection of him.

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