Christ Not Christianity

I revised the poetry from the YouTube video “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus,” taking it a step further in order to separate the idea of “Christ” from “Christ-ianity.” There is the person and spirit of “Christ” and then there is the man-contrived doctrine and theology “-ianity” that came after Christ. Not differentiating between the two has caused people to be blind sheep of their religious leaders, terrified to ask about their deepest points of confusion, but it’s time to say something and make the distinction.

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This creative and insightful poem by Cyndi McCoy goes deeper than the poem “Why I hate religion but love Jesus” because Christianity itself had become another form of religion. As she pointed out, going to “church” every Sunday does not necessarily make one a “Christian” nor is it Christ’s mission. Christianity is fond of making creeds or statements of beliefs, but this only puts Christ into a theological box, limiting Jesus and not embracing all that he is and all that he has done. Yes, Christ is not just a name but breath inside us, and Jesus came to give us abundant life and set us free from the theological shackles of the Christian religion. He also makes our heart see while Christianity makes us blind. I also like her explanation that the Hebrew meaning of “to obey” means to hear with our ears instead of obeying like a dog, pointing to the fact that Christianity is all about control, not relationships. And yes, many in Christianity have distorted or misrepresented certain words such as “forever” which means age or duration but not unending. Indeed, even if one person gets tortured endlessly in a so-called literal “hell”, the gospel becomes the worst news ever. I also agree that we all need to ask questions about everything, instead of believing everything we hear in Christianity circles. The truth of the gospel is meant to set us free.


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