Thoughts on 13 Questions All Christians Eventually Ask Themselves

I think this thought-provoking article underscores the fact that Christianity, or any other faith or belief system, ultimately is a matter of personal choice that involves open and honest questioning about why one believes the way one believes. It involves being willing to embrace doubts and uncertainties, and staying open to possibilities and perspectives, instead of limiting oneself to answers handed down from “authorities” that propagate certainty and satisfaction at the expense of open inquiry and healthy scepticism. While one can learn some truths from some Christian traditions, one can also choose to follow one’s heart in going with any teaching or interpretation of scripture that resonates and vibrates with an inner witness of love and peace, while discarding any teaching that is fear-based or discriminatory or manipulative.

Taking up one’s cross and following Jesus is an ongoing personal journey that involves leaving behind all attachments to the system and mindset of the world, including traditions, superstition, ideologies, status, tribal or social identities, and so on, seeking single-mindedly to know the love that passes knowledge – that is inclusive, universal and unconditional, so that one is able to live loved and love others. Christianity to me is a platform where I encounter existential questions in order to make sense of the meaning of life and learn how to relate to myself and others, which involves a continual evolution in my thinking, whereby my unconscious beliefs are being made manifest in my actions in the process of growing as a human being and relating to my fellow human beings. Like what the article pointed out, our beliefs would influence how we live and interact with the people around us, and since much of Jesus’s ministry revolved around asking questions, “thoughtfully examining our faith promotes a spirituality that is healthy, honest, genuine, and mature.”

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