‘Elephant in the Room’ by Dylan Morrison

I have listened to the video by Dylan Morrison, and I noted that due to human nature to have mimetic desires, we all tend to absorb others’ desires and make them as our own. According to Dylan, in many religious or spiritual communities, pastors, ministers, etc tend to have a strong desire to “serve god”, and many of us tend to want to be like the leaders, and the problem is that as we take on the leader’s desires, and we become more like the leaders, although at first, everything seems to go well as there is a sense of unity and life and dynamics going on, unfortunately, as we become more like the leader, the leader may be oblivious to the effect of this mimetic desire he has on his own flock of followers, and he may feel his position is threatened and fear that his livelihood may be taken away. Thus in order to preserve his position, the leader may ostracise those who are closest to him or who are most like him, seeing them as obstacles, thus scapegoating them to make them leave the congregation or the church institution. Dylan said this may explain why some religious factions split after some time, due to the mimetic rivalry. He concluded that therefore, we can follow the divine life within, instead of religious leaders, and I agree with that. The message reminds me of the gospel message about following Jesus instead of the world system.

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