The Mystery of Christ

Christ in Us is the Hope of Glory

“Grace is the celebration of life”

“Grace is the celebration of life, relentlessly hounding all the non-celebrants in the world. It is a floating, cosmic bash shouting its way through the streets of the universe, flinging the sweetness of its cassations to every window, pounding at every door in the hilarity beyond all liking and happening, until the prodigals come out at last and dance, and the elder brothers finally take their fingers out of their ears.” –Fr. Robert Farrar Capon

I agree with the uplifting quote that grace is the celebration of life as grace means to me that we are all included in the zoe life of the Spirit, that we are all one in the likeness of God or Divine Love, and that we are all equally precious, beloved and worthy. In the eyes of grace, we are already innocent, complete and free. This awakening to grace is worth celebrating indeed, as mentioned in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, and the music and dancing in our celebration will reverberate throughout the universe, and draw all others to come wanting to know more about this wonderful good news. It reminds me of this song by Godfrey Birtill called “Hijacked into paradise”, and I had commented in this blog that this song is a sure-fire way to raise our vibrational energy and transcend dichotomies, breaking down walls of separation, and uniting people as one, celebrating the bliss in this place.

Hijacked into paradise, seized by Christ and swept into an ecstasy up to heaven’s heights.

Bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss here in this place.

Hijacked into paradise, taken up to glorious tranquillity, drenched in endless love.

Hijacked into paradise, full of joy, complete wholeness, harmony, absence of discord.

Bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss here in this place.

God is the infinite source of Joy, inexhaustible glorious!

God is the infinite source of Peace, inexhaustible glorious!

God is the infinite source of Life, inexhaustible glorious!

God is the infinite source of Love, inexhaustible glorious, glorious, glorious, glorious!

Bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss, bliss here in this place.

One comment on ““Grace is the celebration of life”

  1. Ben Kilen
    October 31, 2013

    Unfortunately I just came upon Fr Capon the month he passd. Wish I would have known about him sooner to have possibly interacted with him.

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