A conversation with Fr. Diarmuid O’murchu

Upon checking out this blog, I learnt that the word “pagan” comes from the Latin for “lover of the earth”. This resonates with me as I feel at home with Nature, and I admire those aspects of pagan traditions that honour the Earth as Mother Nature or goddess or Gaia. I see Nature as my church, so to speak.

“For those of us following the lectionary for the Season of Creation, Diarmuid O’Murchu’s reminder that the word “pagan” comes from the Latin for “lover of the earth” functions as a call for Christians to embrace Creation! O’Murchu is an evolutionary theologian whose work is breaking new ground as he reconnects 21st century Christians to the riches within the tradition and moves beyond the confines of church doctrine toward a holistic understanding of what it means to be human which offers hope for living together in the “companionship of empowerment”.”

(From “Pagan from the Latin for ‘earth lover’” – Diarmuid O’Murchu)

Video information

Diarmuid O’Murchu, a member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order, and a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin Ireland, is a social psychologist most of whose working life has been in social ministry, predominantly in London, UK.

I have also checked out the above video on “A conversation with Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu”, and much of what he shared resonates with me, such as the idea of “worship” goes beyond the limited sense of praying to a solitary god that is propagated by mainstream Christianity to include seeking and demonstrating love, peace and justice, as well as showing solidarity towards the suffering humanity. I also agree with his holistic perspective of human sexuality which encompasses not only the physical act of sexual intercourse and/or reproduction, but also love and intimacy, including the feelings, moods and emotions of a person one communes with.

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