A Case For Freedom: “True Freedom is Revolutionary Struggle”

freedom - drew sumrall meme

“As noted early on, the powers speak often of freedom as they do indeed feel free – and this is the clearest indicator that they are not free, for freedom is not any feeling: freedom is a choice – a terrifying choice – to choose death in order to live.


As Christ himself put it:

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whomever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.


Is this not perhaps the most succinct doctrine of revolutionary freedom to be formulated?


In order to live, in order to give life to the New and become a subject of the revolution: one must die – die to the Old; die to the Law; give up everything for the sake of revolution… being free means that the only real choice is risking all.


​Therefore the ones who are truly free are not those who pursue happiness because they feel free – the ones who are truly free are those who give up their freedom to stand with those who have no freedom. This is one of the greatest paradoxes of human existence: freedom is the opposite of oppression, but only the oppressed are truly free. Being human, if it means anything at all, means being against oppression by joining sides with those who are victims of it – quite literally, it means becoming oppressed with the oppressed, making their cause one’s own cause, by involving oneself in the liberation struggle – for no one is free until all are free… True freedom is revolutionary struggle, not ‘a ghastly privilege of pursuing a phantom and embracing a delusion’.”


– Drew Sumrall, “An Essay Toward Universal Revolution” (p. 63-64)

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