science and spirituality in balance

“science and spirituality in balance… quantum is the bridge”

I noted that science is a relatively new way of exploring our world, as modern science is said to have begun some 300 years ago when Isaac Newton formalized the laws of Physics, whereas for 5,000 years of human history before that, our ancestors had a different way of understanding who we are and our relationship to the earth and to one another. I learnt that according to Gregg Braden, there are things happening in the world that science cannot yet explain and are still happening, and quantum physics is the bridge to ancient wisdom and spirituality and modern science because quantum physics allows for field energy to connect our physical world and us, and allows for phenomena that traditional physics does not allow for.

I also learnt that John Wheeler, whom I noted is a friend and colleague of Albert Einstein, said that we are an integral part of the universe, and we live in the universe that is still building itself. It is also interesting that he said in spite of us building better microscopes and telescopes over the years, we will never find the smallest particles or the furthest edge of the universe because the act of us searching is an act of creation that will always place something for us to see. Gregg Braden added that the world is made up of electromagnetic fields, and we have the ability to interact in the world from a distance through feeling emotions in our heart, which is considered to be the strongest generator of the electromagnetic field. This is all very interesting and resonates with me at a deep level.

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