“What you are is beyond all thoughts and words.” Jim Palmer

“What you are is beyond all thoughts and words.

You have a self-concept or self-image, which you made up in your mind, but it has nothing to do with your original Self. The concepts you hold about yourself are learned. Not one of them is actually your original Self.

The essential question of your life is, “Who am I?”

But who are you… really?

Are you some image that appears in your mind? Are you some sensation that you feel in your body? Are you some emotion that passes through your mind and body? Are you a mash-up of all your previous life experiences? Are you something someone else said you are? Are you the rebellion or resistance against what someone else said about who you are? Are you who society or religion said you are or should be? All these definitions of yourself come and go, shift and change, are born and die.

But the Truth of who you are does not come and go.

There is no identification that can capture the immensity of who you truly are. However you identity yourself – race, gender, ethnicity, age, nationality, religion, sexual identity, social class, health, spirituality – behind all of that is always the truth of your original Self.

The Truth of who you are cannot be named or defined. There is no word that can adequately capture the enormity and vastness of who you are. Words like “Self,” “God,” “divinity,” “soul,” “light,” “consciousness” may evoke feelings of resonance with the highest notions you may have of yourself but are still grossly inadequate as a description of who you truly are.

You have gone through countless ways of identifying yourself, but none of them have been satisfying. You have experienced success and failure, but now you are at a point where any definition of yourself in that framework feels empty. Even the designation of being “enlightened” will not satisfy you. No matter how you have been defined by others, well-meaning or not, and no matter how you have defined yourself, no definition will ever bring you peace. Whatever words you cleverly string together to identify yourself in your “About Me” section, you will still be left empty inside by the answer.

Right now in this very moment you must recognize that no answer has ever satisfied the question of who you are. This recognition is an invitation to consciously investigate the Truth of your original Self.

Your fundamental essence, which took on a human body, mind and personality for a human experience is unfathomable, immeasurable, inconceivable, nameless, unbounded, timeless, formless, and ubiquitous.
Jesus often spoke of spiritual reality as a hidden treasure.

You have spent your life seeking a treasure, and you are seeking it now. You dream of true love. You purchase your lottery ticket. You chase the carrot of happiness. You read the next great spiritual book. You go on a new diet. Meanwhile, you are unaware of the treasure.

The treasure is you! The treasure is your original Self that has always been and always will be.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering

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