Stories and narratives and the question of life after death

IMG_0024Everyone feels compelled to create a story or narrative to deal with their personal fear of death, the ultimate unknown. Every religion, society and culture has their own version of what life is after death. There are probably 7 billion opinions about life after death, so whose opinion is correct?

The bible itself is open to interpretations on this subject, and theories and theologies abound about heaven, hell, second coming and so on in various shapes, forms and sizes. When some megachurch pastors tell people they must do this or that in order to be “saved” and go to “heaven”, they are basically telling them that unless the people subscribe to their theology or their version of reality, they will get into trouble. This kind of preaching not only is an attempt to control people using fear, but also reflects an underlying anxiety that the pastors are trying to suppress about the possibility that there is no “heaven” and no “second coming” in the literal sense, both of which have been their psychological crutch all along.


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