“The Shift” – an inspiring and empowering movie

I have checked out the beginning part of the movie “The Shift” so far, and I am loving its message as it resonates with me. It is awesome that Wayne Dyer happened to share about returning to Nature as one of the ways to find our purpose in life, as I was musing earlier about going back to Nature where we reconnect with our highest self. Such amazing synchronicity. I like what he shared about how we all came from this place called Spirit, as Jesus has also taught that “the Spirit gives life”, and just as everything was taken care of for us from the moment of our conception to the moment of our birth, the same could be said of the rest of our journey. It is interesting that he shared about the three lies of the ego – “I am what I do/what I have/what others think of me” – which happen to coincide with a sermon by Henri Nouwen called “Being the Beloved“, and I have archived it in my blog.

It is good to be reminded by Wayne’s encouragement to not conform to societal expectations of us and not ignore our inner calling on the inside of us, which says we came here to create something powerful, and we have as much influence and right as anyone else to do that. Indeed, we can realise we came from the Source and are already connected to everything, including God/Tao/highest self/etc, in spirit, and when we operate from our highest self, we experience bliss inside of us, for we are divine creations of God and spiritual beings.

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