God is a cosmic-sized mystery – Mick Mooney

“Freedom within our faith, in my opinion, has a lot to do with letting go of the notion we can fully understand God. It is the embracing of the unknown ways of our cosmic-sized God, while also embracing the inner assurance of our connection with God and the joyful experience that we are, by some divinely wonderful grace, intimate with him. We appreciate the largeness of God without trying to define every part of him, nor try to stamp our ownership upon him.

In contrast religion, all religions, try to own God, bringing him down to a size that is controllable, boxing God for themselves. In doing so they miss out on the freedom of accepting the unknown aspects of God, and so remain trapped in the addiction of wanting ownership of God.

Some try to define Christ within walls and within doctrines. Some try to say Christ is with us, but not with them. Some try to say Christ is ours, but not theirs, here but not there. But Christ is not containable. Christ is with us, and with them, he’s ours, and theirs, he’s here and there, for he is in everything. Every person, and every part of creation.”

– Mick Mooney

(Read the full post here.)

 10156158_862354530464310_8868672544979037706_n feyman


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