Remembering the inspirational words of Myles Munroe

“My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself.” – Myles Munroe

These words are interesting as they are an inspiration for the soul. I managed to find his book “Becoming A Leader” in my room and I was reading it again. Maybe this part of his book’s preface relates to the quote above – “While we often think of leaders as ‘out there’, we need to look within ourselves. Each one of us is a leader who can affect the people and institutions in our own spheres of influence. When we begin with ourselves, we will naturally have an effect on the lives of others.”

Yes, it is empowering to know each of us has a unique gift or gifts with which we can use to lead others or serve others. It reminds me of a quote I read in the book “Discover the Gift” by Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein yesterday morning, which says:

“Everyone has a Gift to give. It’s the essence of Who they are” – Jack Canfield

The authors of the book went on to write: “The Gift can be described in many ways: It’s your true nature, your purpose and reason for being, your authentic self in harmony with the universe, your passion, your highest vibration, your calling, the joy and love you share with the world. What we mean by the Gift is finding, identifying, and realizing the authentic you and then giving that Gift to others. To live your life from that space, to discover your Gift, you must journey into the depths of who you are: the unique and divine essence incarnated on this planet as you. In fact, long before you picked up this book, you were on that journey. Even though you may not have been consciously aware of it, you have been diligently working to live your Gift. You can’t help yourself. It is why you are here. ‘Discover the Gift’ is a journey of self-understanding and self-appreciation of that divine essence.”

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