“What does a personal relationship with God feel like?” – Mick Mooney

“What does a personal relationship with God feel like? It feels personal, that’s what. It’s a relationship that you and God experience and understand. It’s not a corporate relationship.

Yes, many others also have a personal relationship, and that’s a beautiful thing, just as connecting with other believers is a beautiful experience, but I don’t expect their relationship to God to be a cookie cutter of mine. Vocabulary that describes my faith and belief is―and I think should be―different. The way I connect with my divine Father naturally varies to others.

The thoughts and questions that God stirs my heart with―and the answers I find―are never going to be the same as everyone else, because my relationship with God is: personal.

Contrary to this is organized religion. Religion creates a corporate identity. When we buy into religion we end up speaking, sounding, even looking like everyone else within that corporate branded identity. Same thoughts. Same beliefs. Same well-defined doctrines; and if you step out of line and have questions that don’t fit that corporate identity, chances are you might be silenced, or even booted out.

Well, you know, I don’t mind if I don’t fit the corporate identity of organized religion, nor do I seek membership. I’m happy to have a relationship that is unique with my creator, to let go of long-held religious ambitions, and simply live in the reality of everyday life. I simply want to walk freely in each day, with an open mind to learn new things and an open heart to connect authentically with the world around me.”

– Mick Mooney

So true – this reminds me of this quote below about the difference between religion and spirituality.

10171829_725485447538923_1790957909745384708_n religion & spirituality

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  1. eric keys says:

    This is wonderful stuff! Just today I posted something on a similar theme.


    1. jimmytst says:

      Thank you for sharing your blog post – I will check it out.

    2. T C says:

      Your gravatar is truly evil looking.

  2. jimmytst says:

    Ok, I have checked out your blog post, and I like especially what you wrote here:
    “God has given us the option to walk in The Spirit and to identify with that instead of this deadness. That is the Mystery of Christ – that we are already redeemed.”
    Yes, it is good to follow Jesus within you and walk in the Spirit rather than in the deadness of the written word or of the old, Adamic identity (aka the flesh).

    1. eric keys says:

      It’s an amazing freedom to no longer try to pretend that obeying the written word is the freedom that Jesus wants us to walk in. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

      1. jimmytst says:

        You are most welcome, Eric.

  3. T C says:

    This website is totally consistent with any new age website. Nothing about the true Word of God here. Yikes…this stuff is dangerous!

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