Awards and accolades are toxic

Here’s a thought: To love is to share in the revolutionary struggle for the survival, equality and dignity of humanity, and to stand in solidarity with the disadvantaged and discriminated in a cold, callous and inhumane system of the world.

Why do we have rewards and awards? The meritocratic system undermines the altruistic nature of humanity and commoditises our time and efforts in serving one another – it cheapens the value of our acts of kindness and service and has the potential to cause us to lose sight of the original purpose of what we do when we get distracted by the rewards and recognition.

A case in point: Person A gets rewarded time and again for doing a good job at the workplace and is seen as a model employee, but the question is: what is the motivation behind doing the work – is it motivated by love or the rewards? (Of course, it could very well be both in actuality, but perhaps it is good to honestly examine one’s own motivation from time to time.)

Besides, performance and titles only end up making people ultimately feel like a failure because no one can measure up to expectations and standards indefinitely.

Once we lose sight of our own intrinsic value that is independent of our performance and achievements, we are fucked.

Delusions of grandeur

Why seek grand displays and loud proclamations? The louder one is, wears, drives, etc in order to capture the attention of others, the more one could very well be trying to cover up one’s sense of insecurity through the outward display of possessions, overbearing attitude, titles, awards, social status, etc to hide and suppress one’s feeling of lack.

night city skyline
Do symbols of wealth, prestige and privilege serve to hide the sense of poverty of the soul?

The way out is the way in – shift into silence within and rest in one’s own innate belovedness and completeness.

To be or not to be…. on the A-list

Let’s see… Awards, approvals, accolades, achievements, and the list goes on. Being on the A-list may seem spectacular or produce exuberance, but it can be a downhill road to disaster, in terms of forgetting our original self-identity.

We humans are easily impressed by performance, and oh do we get carried away when we receive praise and recognition from others based on our achievements.

But often, we don’t realise that the moment we define our own worth based on our performance, we lose touch with our intrinsic value as beloved children of the universe or eternal beings on a temporary human journey.

The very thing that causes others to be impressed or amazed by what we do, how we look, and so on, can be the very thing that causes them to be disappointed or lose interest in us when we no longer measure up to their expectations or standards.

Doing well in what we do has its place as we can endeavour to make the world a better place and life more pleasant through our work, but the question is: Do we find our reward in our acts of kindness and service and knowing how others’ lives are made better off than before or do we look for reward from others for the work we do to define our own worth and value?

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  1. Steven Jackson says:

    Insightful, a treasure of wisdom.

    1. jimmytst says:

      Glad you like the post.

      Peace and blessings to you.

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