The paradox of religion

Religion is antithetical and inimical to knowing God because the harder we try to know God through religion – whether in terms of doctrines or rituals or rites or institutions and so on – the further we move away from the intuitive knowledge of God.

Similarly, the more we try to be godly or saintly, whether through our words, deeds or thoughts, the more we forget or neglect the very godliness and divinity that we are already made of.

At best, scriptures and sutras about God are like a finger pointing to the moon because no amount of words can ever capture the fullness of the essence and mystery of God; at worst, they become a replacement for God and a hindrance to Love because any ideology or doctrine or belief system that causes people to discriminate others or separate themselves from one another isn’t really serving the purpose of Love/God.

I choose to go with rest and peace, and know I am already beloved and complete as a unique expression of the Universe, as we all are.

Everyone is wired differently, so each of us finds fulfilment in that which brings rest and peace to us, and that which is beneficial and doesn’t cause harm to ourselves and others.

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