Materialism and organised religions

The Humanist Society of Singapore shared an article recently that says:

“A trend of increasing religiosity is taking hold in the Asia-Pacific region, while North America and Europe are experiencing the reverse with a projected spike in the proportion of people unaffiliated with any religion, showed a recent report by Washington-based think-tank Pew Research Centre.”

(From “Religiosity on rise in Asia-Pacific, proportion of freethinkers on decline“)

I have come to realise that materialism and organised religions seem to go hand in hand. People are flocking to megachurches, for example, in Asia, which are run like businesses or corporations, in the vain hope of getting wealthier, whereas people are deserting institutional churches in the West, in order to divest themselves of religious fundamentalism and consumerism. The East as a whole seems to become more entrenched in capitalism while the West is trying to move towards socialism and humanism, as demonstrated by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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