The importance of spirituality in the face of organising
I noted from the 19-21 minute mark of the podcast about creation and imagination that holds the balance between conformity and resistance to cultural trends – that when white folks are given the freedom to their dreams and imaginations and create something new such as Google, they are seen as pioneers and innovators by the world, whereas black folks aren’t given the same space to be imaginative because they are considered deviant – this shows how the discriminatory system limits the freedom of certain groups of people. 

I resonate with what Rahiel Tesfamariam said in the 39-40 minute mark on dealing with inhumane types of policies and people in a humane way – yes, our battle isn’t rooted in flesh and blood as we are dealing with the forces or the white supremacy system or principalities and powers, which hold the white police in enslavement to the illusion of and desire for power and control, such that they aren’t experiencing the liberation of knowing they are worthy and valuable simply because they are children of God. And yes, we are in the world (or the white supremacy system) and not of it, and our activism is our lifestyle whereby the system diminishes in power through the choices we make and the way we choose to live our life. 

As for the 49-minute segment, yes a psychological, cultural and spiritual return to Africa the Motherland can happen, in terms of a creating a pan-African bridge between the African Americans’ and the Africans’ issues of oppression, as Rahiel put it, which will bring our brothers and sisters together in new ways that have never happened before. 

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