Original Black Jesus


“A thinking mind is a busy and curious mind. And when you think of people’s need for images of God/Creator in physical recognizable human form what is that all about? I mean a picture of Jesus, or any religious deity is doing what exactly? And you realize how the human mind works in trying to make connections, as powerful as our imagination is some of us need help to visualize things to make that connection. Some of us on the other hand can have a belief in an omnipotent creator without any desire to visualize that entity. Or any need to humanize that deity. Unfortunately this desire in human beings to visualize allows others to own and control powerful images and place them in our reality. And they are very hard to fix once place there. Media propaganda is therefore not a 20th century invention, it has been going on from the dawn of humanity.” www.africanchristian.orgMotherland

I have come to learn that the original Jews were Black, and the earliest people originated from Ethiopia.

Someone also posted this portrayal of the original black Jesus in Facebook, and he would very well look like this. Given that Africans are known for their warmth, compassion and soulfulness as well as their outspokenness with regard to social justice and human rights, Jesus would most certainly be a Black himself indeed.

original black jesus

“If all African Christians used this image trust us, we would not be so messed up by Christianity. All this self-hatred is tied to someone telling you you been cursed. That white is pure.” – Motherland

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