What “spirituality” means for you

What makes you come alive?
What satisfies you most deeply?
What fills you up?
What brings you joy?
What centers you?
What is a source of delight and pleasure for you?
What areas, fields, or subjects are you interested in exploring?
What makes you feel connected to yourself?
What forms of self-expression are the most gratifying?
What would your sense of adventure tell you to do?
What way of being in the world resonates most deeply with your heart?
Where does your sense of curiosity take you?
How are you most compelled to aid the liberation of others?
What evolves the rebel and revolutionary in you?
What in this world makes you angry?
What violates your sense of justice?
Where in life are you inspired to be a tangible expression of love, acceptance, and compassion?
What nurtures a greater love for yourself and others?

The answers to these questions is a good place to start in determining what “spirituality” means for you.

– Jim Palmer

I can relate to the above quote, especially its first and last line. Yes, that which makes us come alive, which stirs the living waters flowing within us, would be a good place to start in determining what spirituality means to us because we are ever evolving in our humanity and spirituality and we feel most alive whenever we are inspired by what liberates us and what gives us a deep sense of joy and peace. I think it can be anything, such as admiring beautiful works of art, and when we are admiring the beauty of art or Nature and so on, we are in fact admiring that aspect of beauty reflected in us.

And yes, that which nurtures a greater love for ourselves and others would also be a good place to start in determining what spirituality means to us. In retrospect, I believe the journey that I have been through in exploring various theologies, ideologies, schools of thought, and belief systems and practices – ranging from grace to yoga and meditation to shamanism and shadow work – is a result of an innate longing to love and accept ourselves completely in the fullness of our humanity, including our weaknesses, fears, and so on, and this transformation from the inside out through embracing our shadow causes us to nurture a greater love for others as well.

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