Peter Rollins | What’s Going on in the Name ‘God’? [A summary of my own notes]

A rough summary upon my first hearing of this incisive message by Peter Rollins (I will have to listen to it again to make sure I understand it correctly):

This video explores the theological and philosophical aspects of the idealised or imaginary, the symbolic and the real.

When we talk about God, oftentimes we are creating a bigger and better image or version of ourselves, or who we think we are or who we would like to be.

We tend to expect the ones we love or are close to to reflect the parts of ourselves or our ideologies that we agree with or are in sync with, generally speaking.

When we use the word “God”, we are projecting a system of values that we uphold to describe the God that we believe in.

Atheists are simply people who critique or challenge the theists’ ideologies of the God that the theists profess to believe in.

We can create a quiet space in which we can encounter differences in our own ideologies and do self-critiques, so that we won’t become one-dimensional and only interact with or limit our circles to those who think like us, for we are in essence complex and multidimensional, and we are able to hold contradictions and diverse viewpoints within ourselves.

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