RIP, Megachurch

A particular megachurch that I used to go to has become a monolith.

What do I mean by “monolith”? One dictionary defines it as “a large, impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as indivisible and slow to change”.

Gone are the days when worship songs freely came flowing from hearts of the church songwriters full of gratitude and love and amazement.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly, legalism crept back into the church teachings. The doctrines of the literal devil, literal hell, literal rapture and penal substitution of the cross to appease an external, separate entity called God continue to be preached in church services. The concept of “original sin” continues to revolve around the idea that human beings were originally wretched and hopelessly condemned to everlasting torture and torment in the literal sense.

Subtle and not-so-subtle control mechanisms continue unabated and unchallenged for the most part in the church circles, with shaming tactics imposed in the name of obedience and submission to church elders, keeping up an apparently hypocritical and repressive image of “sexual morality” and what have you.

The reality speaks for itself. After 2012, no more new worship albums have been produced; only a few CD singles are featured in the church website. To me, church services have become a repetitive performance, with some semblance of outward form but having less and less life and substance.

With every death is a new beginning. Thus, I would like to acknowledge that the season of a “megachurch” is coming to an end and a new season of a “church in every person” is dawning evermore, and the legacy of grace and peace shall continue with ever-increasing glory.

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