Why do we judge?


The old testament god judged and criticised a lot, and condemned and rejected anyone who didn’t conform to the norms or measure up to perceived standards.

The old testament god was a mental projection of those who were still staying in a state of lower consciousness, and living in duality of good and evil.

In the new covenant of grace, we are taught to love and accept ourselves fully as we are, and integrate our light and dark sides. We learn to make the unconscious conscious, and heal that which has been repressed and condemned by organised religion.

We begin to live in higher consciousness, and stay true to our higher self. We learn to be led by divine love from within instead of being driven by external laws and regulations, to be the best version of ourselves. We begin to love others as we love ourselves.

It is an ongoing process, and we may still find ourselves judging and being hard on ourselves and others from time to time, but we are on our way to greater wholeness, as we seek to heal our wounds and integrate ourselves through love. Ultimately, as the saying goes, love wins.



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