Jesus the Confident Servant Leader

Jesus knows who he is; he is secure in his own identity; he is established in his infinite royal worth.

He is wiser, more capable, and more powerful than his peers, his teachers, his seniors.

But it is amazing how Jesus chooses to humble and submit himself under the mighty hand of God (within himself) to them.

I can learn from Jesus’ example.

Jesus knows other people’s psychological strengths and weaknesses.

He sees what motivates them – whether love or fear, whether inspiration or shame, whether gratitude or guilt, etc.

Jesus does not condemn or make others feel condemned.

He always uplifts people, liberates people, encourages people.

But if people choose to condemn him, he knows how to deal with them by turning the mirror back onto themselves (so that they can learn to deal with their own internal issues).

Jesus – altogether lovely indeed.

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