Keep hearing the word of grace and remain in peace and health

Here’s sharing my takeaway lesson from yesterday’s sermon at New Creation Church.

I learnt from the message that the more we hear the gospel of grace, the more we flourish in peace and health because our body’s immune system responds intuitively to our belief that we are righteous and blameless and beloved.

I interpret the cross in terms of restorative justice (instead of retributive justice) whereby Jesus, our highest Self, is our true identity, who makes the accusations of the adversary (shadow self or “accuser of the brethren”) to be of no effect.

This is because our righteousness is based not on our performance, but on our innate goodness and Godhood or Goddesshood.

I am glad that the pastor, Joseph Prince, is focusing on preaching grace radically again.

He shared in his sermon that there is something about the flesh (which I interpret as the shadow side or the ego) that is naturally legalistic and feeds on the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Indeed, like he said, one can listen to ten good sermons on grace, and when one listens to the eleventh sermon that turns out to be a mixture of law and grace, one can easily forget the ten sermons on grace and fall under law and performance-based living again.

One will then become vulnerable to the “accuser of the brethren” or “the adversary seeking whom he may devour” (which I interpret is the shadow self or ego).

Thus, I resonate with the exhortation to keep on hearing the word of grace over and over again, until grace becomes a heart revelation and we continue to be undevourable and victorious in every area of our life.

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