“Conquering the fear of death” by Andre Rabe

It is refreshing to know how, through his own death, Jesus has transformed our relationship with death from fear to gratitude for the gift of life and of the present moment.

Like Andre Rabe shared in the video, the authors of the Bible intended their stories not to be historical accounts but rather to explore what it means to be human, who God is and how we relate to God.

I also learnt from his video that death and life are necessary for one another; no human has lived forever physically, and Jesus himself died physically, thus conquering death through death.

I like his observations on how the deer in Kruger national park in South Africa don’t live in constant fear of expecting death and danger despite being surrounded by lions and leopards. Instead, they continue to eat and drink and enjoy life.

It is an interesting lesson for us humans indeed to accept and embrace the reality of death as part of existence, and by looking unto Jesus, we are no longer enslaved by fear of death but rather filled with gratitude for the givenness of the present moment, of the gift of today.

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