Eli Saxon-Bear: money, survival and integrity

I appreciate the speaker’s leading the audience into a meditative mood at the beginning. Indeed, when we fall in love with silence within us, silence will lead us, teach us and open everything for us.

I also appreciate his sharing about the history of money and his questions on our personal relationships with money.

As he has observed in Alabama, money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. It is notable that his spiritual mission in Peru has demonstrated the universal truth that when we serve something bigger than survival itself, and devote our lives to awakening to the truth and sharing it with others, money and provisions will always find their way to us in mysterious ways.

Indeed, when we give ourselves to service, life gives back to us. When we follow the deepest desires of our heart or follow the bliss, life will provide for us.

I have experienced such mysterious ways of being provided for as well. For example, when I choose to use money to sow seeds of love such as donating to some cause or supporting a meaningful business etc, somehow money will come in from somewhere, whether it be receiving tips from FoodPanda customers or finding money on the road or a new job opportunity will open up to me and so on. I believe that you too have experienced such miraculous provisions when you choose to follow the desires of your heart.

His message resonates with me deeply, which reminds me of Jesus’ sermon on the Mount – that when we follow after righteousness, all the things that the Gentiles seek will be added to us. 👍

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