Sabbath rest as spiritual discipline – Walter Brueggemann

In this podcast:

Walter Brueggemann returns to discuss the topic of Sabbath as a form of rebellion against a society that has been co-opted by the culture set forth by Pharaoh in the Old Testament.

We discuss the need to treat Sabbath as a serious spiritual discipline (not just a childish luxury) and other necessary subversions such as the #MeToo movement and young people speaking out against gun violence.

It is interesting to learn about the Hebrew meaning of “God was refreshed after he rested on the seventh day”, in terms of God recovering his true self that became diminished in the work of creation.

In essence, God got his true self back by keeping the Sabbath.

In the same way, our true self was depleted by participating in the monetary system, and we get back our true self by resting on the Sabbath and celebrating and enjoying who we really are, which equips us to practise generosity, mercy and justice.

I have also learnt from the podcast that the Pharaoh system is designed to keep people in a state of anxiety and inadequacy when they run the performance treadmill to define their value based on their ability to produce and find that they can never be good enough to please the ruthless taskmaster.

Hence, keeping the Sabbath rest is a spiritual discipline to recover their true intrinsic value and dwell in joy and wellbeing.

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